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Bucket elevators.
Designed for vertical transport of loose or granulated materials. It serves as an auxiliary device for feeders. 
The elevator is controlled by level sensors – this ensures interoperability with any packing device. 
The feeder hopper in the standard version features a screw that makes it possible to feed powdery products, such as flour. 
If needed, a stirrer is installed in the feeder hopper.
feeder height packaging machine height + 500 mm
base dimensions 1700 x 1300 mm
feeder weight approx. 200 kg
power consumption approx. 1 kW
power supply 220/380 V
control circuit voltage   24 V
output approx. 3000 kg/godz
hopper capacity 350L – as needed


Sufczyn 272A
32-852 Dębno
phone 731-668-552