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About Us

The production company NULKA has been operating in the market since 1988.
We produce pre-made pouch packaging machines and modern packaging lines that are characterized by advanced technical concepts, innovation, and high usability.
We are a Polish company with an individual approach to each client. We customize our devices to packaging type, portion size, and performance, and each device is manufactured to an individual order.
In addition, we produce devices that are used with packaging machines, such as: elevators, conveyors, sealers, and heat sealers

We offer machines that can form various shapes of packaging, stand-up bags, packages with handles, and packaging in the inert gas atmosphere. 
We have completed many unusual projects:
All designs, consultations and the entire supervision of production are carried out at the company headquarters.

We manufacture machines for packaging:
loose products – e.g. rice, buckwheat, sugar, sand, fertilizer
powdery products – e.g. flour, feed additives
products in small pieces – e.g. pasta, cookies, candy, French fries
The supplied machines may differ from each other in term of:
output –depending on the type of material being packaged, the size of the portion and the type of feeder
• portion size
packaging type paper bags, cartons, tubes, jars, buckets, plastic bags, packaging made of film
type of material to be packed – flour, sugar, cereals, seeds, feed additives, chemical products, etc.
feeder type weight, screw, vibratory and belt feeders.



Sufczyn 272A
32-852 Dębno
Tel. 731-668-552