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N55 for powdery products.
Portions of 100-300 g. This type of device is designed for volumetric portioning of powdery products, such as:
talcum, powder into pre-made plastic or cardboard packaging.
The machine is equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel. 
The device has a worktop height adjustment, which allows the placement of packages of various heights.
It is equipped with enclosures for installation of dust removal equipment

How it works:
The material is fed into the packaging using a screw feeder. The feeding process begins after all the start-up steps are completed and the foot/hand switch is pressed. The size of the portions can be modified by changing the number of revolutions of the vertical screw. The feeder in the standard version is equipped with a conditioner/stirrer.
feeder height approx. 1700 mm
base dimensions approx. 1100x900 mm
feeder weight approx. 100kg
operation continuous
output min. 10 pcs./min. for a 100 g dose
depends on the staff performance
accuracy approx. 10g


Sufczyn 272A
32-852 Dębno
phone 731-668-552