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N 55 MAX.
Designed for weight portioning of loose products (buckwheat, rice, chemical granulates) into shape-retaining packaging. 
It features smooth portion adjustment within the range of 1-5 kg. 
The machine is equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel. 
The dumping distance onto the scales top is adjustable, depending on the height of the packaging. 
It is equipped with enclosures for installation of dust removal equipment. 
N55-MAX feeder can work with a bucket elevator, Z-shaped elevator , marshaling conveyor (belt or roller type)
and inclined conveyor

How it works:
The material is put into supplied packaging. The feeding process begins after all the start-up steps are completed and the foot/hand switch is pressed.
The feeding stops automatically. The bucket elevator working with N55 is triggered when the feeder hopper shows a small/sufficient quantity of material.
feeder height approx. 2300 mm
base dimensions approx. 1500 x 1500 mm
feeder weight approx. 100 kg
power consumption approx. 1 kW
power supply 230/380 V
portion size from 1 to 5 kg
output depending on the portion size
accuracy depending on the material to be packaged


Sufczyn 272A
32-852 Dębno
phone 731-668-552