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N55 weight feeder for packaging paper bags.
Designed for weight portioning of loose or granular products into paper bags.
It divides the product into portions using the weight method (electronic scales) and features smooth portion regulation within the range of 0.2-2 kg. 
The machine is equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel. 
The device has a worktop height adjustment, which allows the placement of packages of various heights.
In the standard version, the feeder is equipped with a conditioner that allows feeding of flour, for instance.
N55 feeder can work with a bucket elevator, sealer, and vibration table.
How it works:
N55 machine with a marshaling belt for paper bags is very simple and reliable. The operator, after initializing the machine, manually suspends paper bags under pneumatic grippers of the two discharges and then dispensing begins. Bags are filled alternately (left/right). After the preset dose is poured into the bag, the gripper lowers the pack onto marshaling belt. Efficiency of this device depends on the operation. The bucket elevator working with N55 triggers automatically to replenish the material in the feeder hopper  
feeder height approx. 1950 mm
base dimensions approx. 1300 x 1300 mm
feeder weight approx. 100kg
power consumption approx. 1 kW
power supply 230/380 V
operation continuous
dependent on the operation, approx. 1000 pckg/h
accuracy +/- average weight range
hopper capacity 80 l


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32-852 Dębno
phone 731-668-552