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Feeder for packing into jars, tubes and cartons.
It is designed for packing loose, granulated and pellet materials in pre-made cardboard, plastic or glass packaging. It divides the product into portions using the weight method (electronic scales) and features smooth regulation.
The portion weight is preset. Suggested portions are between 0.2-2.0 kg.
The feeder can work with a bucket elevatorZ-shaped elevator

The line includes:
• empty packaging conveyor (separator)
• feeder
• stirrer (optional)
• full packaging conveyor
• crimper (optional)
• enclosure that enables a dust removal device to be connected
• rotary table (optional)
• transparent enclosures
• material conveyor (bucket elevator/Z-shaped conveyor)

How it works:
The material is fed into the feeder in-take hopper.
The vertical/inclined conveyor supplies material into the feeder hopper.
The product is fed in two stages:
• approximate portioning
• supplementary portioning
Empty packaging is placed onto the supplying conveyor by hand. The conveyor automatically moves them under the discharge. The packaging is filled (pressing the packaging tight prevents the material from being scattered) and transported away from the discharge. Lids are placed by hand and then crimped (the packaging is closed). 
The crimper is only suitable for the packaging with lids that close by pressing in.
Ready packages are marshaled on the rotary table, where they can be collected and put into case packs by hand.


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