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Opakowania formowane przez urządzenie


APM for loose and granulated products.
N55-AMP Automatic Packaging machine is designed to put loose and granulated products into plastic bags formed from a shrink film. 
The products that can be packed are loose materials, such as:
  • buckwheat
  • rice
  • grain
  • sugar
  • bread crumbs
  • chemical and other granulates
Granulated and small size materials, such as:
  • pasta
  • puff corn
  • puff pastry croutons
  • small cookies
  • peas
  • dried fruit
The choice of feeder for N55 AMP depends on the type of the material to be packaged. The device can be equipped with an extra tube for packing packages of varying width on one machine.

The machine can form packages of the following types:
– pillow bags
– side gusset stand-up pouches
– with three-finger handle
How it works:
Packaging film is formed into packaging by a forming tube. The vertical jaw performs vertical sealing and the horizontal jaws close the packaging, cut it off and form the bottom of the next package, all in one movement. Pre-weighed material is put into the prepared packing, followed by the packaging being sealed, cut off and dropped onto the marshaling conveyor. This process is automatic and repeatable.

N55 AMP from Nulka on Vimeo.


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