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Packaging line for blueberries with 4 and 6 workstations.
It is designed for packing small fruits into pre-made cardboard or plastic packaging. The type and dimensions of the packaging is preset on an individual basis.
The portion weight is pre-set within the range of 50-500 g. The way the line and its components are arranged is customized to meet the requirements of the customer.

• 60 pckg/min. (4 workstations)
• 100 pckg/min. (6 workstations)

The line includes:
• marshaling conveyor
• drop-in conveyor
• feeder hopper
• four or six feeders
• empty packaging conveyor
• ready packaging martialing conveyor

Optional equipment:
• size calibrator
• weighing attachment for 1-5 kg boxes
• automatic packaging application
• arc conveyor
• pass-through weigher
• discriminator and rotary table receiving bad packaging 
• lid application conveyor
How it works:
Fruit are put onto the conveyor that transfers them to the size calibrator. The size calibrator performs the task of sorting the fruit. The smaller fruit fall onto a side belt. The drop-in conveyor feeds the fruit into the feeder hopper. The level of fruit in the hopper is controlled by level sensors.
The packaging is placed automatically under all the feeder discharges (four or six heads) at the same time
The product is fed in two stages:
• the approximate portioning
• the supplementary portioning
The weight of each packaging is checked by a pass-through weigher.
After being detected, the containers that do not fall within the established tolerance are put onto the rotary table. 
The punnets can be manually closed on the line-ending conveyor.
Box weighing attachment Enables weighing for 1-5 kg portion boxes
The attachment is coupled with the drop-in conveyor, the size calibrator, and the marshaling conveyor.

Sorter There is a possibility of adding a sorter into the line.
Staff platforms – we make platforms to facilitate the operation for the line.



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